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Career Pathways Project-Based Learning (PBL) Leadership Academy

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should apply and enroll in the Career Pathways PBL Leadership Academy?

The Career Pathways Project-Based Learning (PBL) Leadership Academy is intended for a wide variety of educators who work within a project funded by a California Career Pathways Trust (CCPT) round two grant. This could include teachers, administrators, program managers, coaches and more.

I see the words “Academy” and “Institute” on your materials—what is the difference?

The Career Pathways PBL Leadership Academy encompasses all of our work, which will include mentoring with High Tech High (HTH) teachers, visits from HTH faculty to grantee sites, online collaboration, a Leadership Project, and attendance at the fall and spring LEadership Institutes at HTH.

The Leadership Institutes at HTH are presented in the fall and spring, and are two-and-a-half day intensive experiences in San Diego at the HTH Forum and in HTH schools.  

What is an ideal CCPT grantee team to enroll in the Academy?

Each CCPT grantee team that enrolls in the Academy should be customized and designed to accomplish a specific leadership project within a school, district, consortium, or region. The team should feature a thoughtful mix of administrators and educators who are collaborating to accomplish a specific set of goals or implement a new program. For example, one grantee might send two Career Technical Education (CTE) teachers, and teacher in another academic area, and a school-based administrator who are working together to implement integrated, PBL-based curricula. Another grantee focusing on the development of an internship program might send a team that includes a college counselor and three teachers who plan to work together to establish partnerships in the local business community and to develop and implement school-to-work curricula. Grantee team composition could take many other forms; the critically important requirement is that each team is focused on a real-world leadership project and will collaborate regularly to implement their work.

Administrators: You are able to move mountains. Educators and teaching faculty at your school might design leadership projects that require modifications to the school schedule, student cohorts, budgets, facilities, community connections, ample time for collaboration, and more. You can make that happen! You can also bring people to the leadership project within your sites. Your team’s leadership project will serve as an example and model for further reform and transformation within your region—if enough people see it and understand how to build upon your work. You can make this happen, too.

Teaching faculty: You are practitioners of the craft, and you are important agents in positive change in your school, your district, and your region. Your team’s leadership project will bring new, transformative programming to your students, and you will build upon this success by sharing your experiences so that others in your area can build related programs inspired by your example. You represent a good mix of CTE-specific, traditionally academic, and even exploratory or elective areas of your school’s faculty—and you are committed to working together in a collegial, interdisciplinary manner.

Train the trainers: Everyone who enrolls in the Career Pathways PBL Leadership Academy should be excited to share this work with others and to help facilitate further efforts to improve and expand this work beyond single schools or individual classrooms. Ideally, your work will both create specific improvements locally as well as have a broad ripple effect on the efforts of educators and others throughout your region.

How many people can we enroll in the Academy?

While we recommend a team of “approximately four” people, we understand that there might be variety in team size and make up. If you have a great team of three, please do not feel pressured to force a fourth person to attend against their will! And, if you have the capacity for a five-person team, or perhaps two teams of three from your district, please let us know.

If you had hoped to send more than four people to the Leadership Institutes, please be prepared to add to your team or modify your team. If additional space opens in an Institute, we will notify you.

How many teams can I enroll from my district, county, region, etc?
Each grantee will begin by applying on behalf of one team of approximately four people who will enroll in the Leadership Academy for the year and who will attend the fall and spring Leadership Institutes at HTH.
We are equipped to handle an average of four participants from each grantee at the Leadership Institutes in San Diego, and within mentoring relationships with HTH teachers. We do wish we could bring everyone in, but physical space and the desire for high quality time together does not allow it!
That said, this program is intended for each Academy team to spread their wealth of knowledge and experience within their home school, district, county, and region, and to have a large ripple effect beyond the hands-on portion of our program.

Also, we anticipate that some grantees will send smaller teams to the Institutes in San Diego. When that happens, we will reach out to you and let you know how many additional people you can send to a Leadership Institute.

What is the cost of enrolling in the Academy?

For CCPT round two grantee teams, the Career Pathways PBL Leadership Academy is FREE! The California Department of Education is covering the costs associated with programming and materials through state funds set aside for technical assistance for CCPT round two grantees—in other words, your team will be not be charged fees for registration, workshops, readings, materials, etc. Please note, however, that when attending the Leadership Institutes, CCPT round two grantees are responsible for travel, hotel, and per diem expenses only, all of which are eligible to be paid for with CCPT grant funding budgeted for this purpose.

For the Leadership Institutes, HTH has arranged for a special rate for guests at a hotel within walking distance of the conference site. A full breakfast and lunch will be provided at no charge to participants at all Institute sessions, and participants will only be responsible for the cost of dinners. More information about meals will be shared as we approach the specific dates of the Leadership Institutes.

Where will the Academy be held?

Portions of the Career Pathways PBL Leadership Academy will be held online, portions will be held at your local school site, and in-person Academy sessions will be conducted at High Tech High in San Diego, California.

The fall and spring Leadership Institutes will be held in Point Loma in the HTH Forum—a new, state-of-the-art facility adjoining the new High Tech Elementary School. In addition, participants in the fall and spring Leadership Institutes will spend time in classrooms at various High Tech charter schools—within walking distance are three high schools, two middle schools and two elementary schools.  

When are the Leadership Institutes held? How many Leadership Institutes should I attend?

We offer Fall and Spring Leadership Institutes—your team should attend both.

Leadership Institutes are designed to bring CCPT Grantee teams together, develop and share leadership projects and delve deeply into specific topics such as PBL methodologies, growing academic internship and other school-to-work programs, school improvement methods, best practices for transformational change in schools, and a variety or related topics pertaining to college, career, and civic readiness.

What are the expectations from the participants?

All Leadership Academy participants are expected to enroll and work as part of a small, focused team. We believe that the best work comes from participants who are actively engaged in the process, and we have designed the Leadership Institutes around this premise. If you are an administrator, we expect you to roll up your sleeves and work with your team on curriculum design; conversely, if you are a classroom teacher, we expect you to step forward during conversations around educational policy and offer your vision for educational administration, school transformation, and policy design.

What is the time commitment?

Each participant will spend time together regularly on-site collaborating on the design and implementation of their leadership project. We will host periodic meetings online for you to talk with a variety of experts. And, you will attend two Leadership Institutes at HTH in San Diego.

Ultimately, we hope that this work will be a natural and supportive component of your normal job—in fact, we hope that after the year is over, you will look back and say, “wow, the Leadership Academy really helped me accomplish a lot this year!”

Is Academy participation considered mandatory for all CCPT round two grantees?

No … but your participation is strongly encouraged! This is a new, innovative professional development opportunity provided at no cost by CDE in collaboration with HTH. We are doing everything we can to make this valuable opportunity available to every CCPT grantee. In particular, we strongly believe that the Career Pathways PBL Leadership Academy is a great resource that can help CCPT round two grantees achieve the goals they have established for their CCPT-funded projects.


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