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Mathematical Agency Improvement Community

Abolishing the phrase "I'm not a math person"
MAIC brings together teams from 17 schools to improve student agency and learning outcomes in math, particularly for students from traditionally marginalized groups. We define Mathematical Agency as the following:
  • Growth Mindset - “I can learn if I put in the effort.”
  • Belonging - “I am part of a mathematical community.”
  • Purpose/Value - "I feel intellectually engaged and challenged."

Using an improvement science framework we:
  • Explore root causes contributing to this issue in our own systems
  • Develop a shared theory of action to guide our improvement efforts
  • Engage in iterative learning cycles to test/refine “high leverage” change ideas across diverse classrooms so we can discover what works, for whom, under what conditions
  • Build our collective capacity to engage in sustained improvement work within our schools

We encourage other educators to check out the preliminary change ideas we are iterating on in our efforts to increase students' mathematical agency and success.


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