Digital Portfolios

GSE students create digital portfolios to archive and share their learning throughout the program, including course projects and their capstone Master's Project. To purchase books about their research, as well as student work from HTH schools, visit the HTH bookstore.

M.Ed Class of 2016

Andrea Adams How can the use of comprehensible literature increase Spanish language acquisition and mindsets about learning language?
Rhea Brown A constructivist approach to restorative practices
Teresa Draguicevich Creating a classroom structure that celebrates diversity
Wendy Fairon Twitter as a low-stakes, high-reward tool for connecting educators and sharing practice
Samara Francisco Creating equitable student-led discussions
Bryan Harms Agency and Authority in the Math Classroom
Sara Islas How can I help students grow in metacognition to improve their writing?
Tali Lerner
Jamie Little Descent from the Top: Three Levers for Leading from Behind
Kyle Linnik The Maker Lounge
Enrique Lugo Sharing Our Craft Knowledge: An innovative look at how we can increase the amount of craft knowledge we share
Kristen MacConnell Getting Better Together
Nate Malinoski Intensive Course Structures and Their Effects on Deeper Learning at the Secondary Level
Amanda Massey
Shannon McClung How does writing in dialogue reading journals affect students’ reading comprehension, specifically integration of knowledge and ideas, and their overall motivation to read and write?
Jennifer Morrison How can teacher “why” and vision for practice be used as a framework to create school wide professional learning that is implemented through collegial coaching cycles?
Melissa Mouton Reducing First-Period Tardies: Finding an Equitable Balance Between Standardized Consequences and Restorative Practices
Alejandra Padilla How can restorative practices catalyze a school's transition from traditional education to a more progressive, project based learning model?
Mark Parmet Getting Forms From Home
Ben Sanoff Student Consulting: Disrupting Traditional Student Teacher Hierarchies
Robin Rubenstein The Pursuit of Equitable & Student-centered Deep Mathematical Discourse
Suzanne Walters How do Epstein's domains for family involvement influence family participation and satisfaction?

M.Ed Class of 2015

Carol Cabrera How can playwriting activities help students build empathy?
Daniel Romo How do teachers’ passions and interests become transformational projects?
Celina Gonzalez  
How do shared professional development experiences in project based learning impact teacher culture?
Shelley Gordon How can educators utilize two-way text messaging to involve parents in a way that respects and supports diverse families and is developmentally appropriate during early adolescence?
Chris Hughes How do shared professional development experiences in project based learning impact teacher culture?
Julia Jacobsen How can teachers encourage all students to be active and influential in group work?
Juliet Mohnkern How do kids think we should measure school?
Lacy Szuwalski How does a school create a culture of environmental stewardship?
Gina Wickstead How do we create and maintain a positive school environment?
Kelly Wilson
What practices and school structures create a sense of efficacy in secondary mathematics teachers in order to develop mathematical fluency in students?
Sean Woytek
What strategies can a project ­based learning school implement in order to retain a higher number of teachers?
Judy Wu
What support structures help teachers make changes that yield improvement in their practice?

M.Ed Class of 2014

Christy Bystrak How can libraries support families to prepare for kindergarten? 
Tara Della Rocca How can I create a culture that cultivates in my students the skill and will to think deeply?
Beth DeLuca Creating a culture of open communication and conflict resolution: Practices in a project-based middle school classroom
Paul North How can we help kids help each other?
Alex Owens How can we build opportunities for youth and adults to connect in meaningful ways, share passions and learn from each other?
Mark Poole How can cultivating curiosity affect intrinsic motivation for learning in my students?
Laura Zimmer How can I work with students and families to build a classroom culture that encourages a growth mindset?
Melissa Agudelo What practices best support the development of meaningful student voice and leadership in student government?
Andrea Frias What happens when cross grade level groups collaborate on a project and use critique as a vehicle to create beautiful work?
Cheryl Irvin What structures and supports help bolster the success of black students in a project-based learning environment?
Marci Jubelirer How do students on the autistic spectrum experience project based learning?
Tim McNamara How can personalized professional development foster adult learning among teachers?
Sonya Ramirez How can we empower teachers to use student-led curation to display our school's story through student work?
Chris Wakefield What happens when a school changes its timetable to support Project Based Learning?
Katie Wright How do I create a rich adult community of Inclusion Specialists that has the capacity to guide change across our schools?

M.Ed Class of 2013

Joe Acker
Mapping Out Our Collaborative Learning Environment
Mindy Ahrens
Deep Reading: Building Motivation and Authentic Purpose for Reading
Kathleen Blough
It Takes a Community: Developing Self-Directed Learners
Cori Brooks
Fostering Global Citizenship in an Elementary Classroom
Kali Frederick
Better Together: Fostering Divergent Thinking, Collaborative Play, and Creative Production in the Classroom
Melissa Han
Listen! Using Student Voice to Guide a Democratic Classroom
Christine Ingmanson
Increasing Participation Within Peer Discussion and Group Work
Charlie Linnik Cultivating a Growth Mindset: A Way to Increase Confidence in a Visual Arts Class
Stephanie Lytle
Owning It: Co-designing the Senior Year Experience
Bryan Meyer
mathematics and/of ourselves
Heather Papandrea
Striving to Create an Equitable Classroom Community
Bobby Shaddox
Co-Design: A Democratic Approach to Project-Based Learning
Daisy Sharrock
Down the Rabbit Hole: an Exploration of Student Grit, Motivation and Scientific Inquiry
Gregory Callaham How can I support more consistent, constructive and explicit discourse about issues of equity and diversity amongst staff and students?
Spencer Gooch How can student work to create and maintain a culture of compassion and support within their school?  
JoHanna Simko What makes a peer mentoring program successful?

M.Ed Class of 2012

Mark Anderson
How can I create a music program that supports deliberate practice?
Pam Baker
How can I create authentic interdisciplinary projects that are rigorous collaborations for colleagues and students?
David Stahnke
How can I use math puzzles to increase student engagement, perseverance, and encourage divergent thinking?
Namir Yedid
How do my classroom and curriculum affect my student's ability to achieve flow experiences?
Ashley Vasquez
How do students experience community-service learning in second grade?
Christopher Webber
How can I structure classroom discussions to ensure equitable participation?
John Bosselman  What school structures can be put in place to support struggling students?
Tina Chavez How can High Tech High North County become more representative of the community in which it exists?
Robert Kuhl  How do teachers and students foster peer advising relationships and how do these advising networks impact student learning?
Yoli Soler   How do we help new families as they transition into HTHCV?
Dan Wise How can we supplement our project development with a renewed focus on the "craft" of teaching through collegial coaching?    

M.Ed Class of 2011

Kristen Bechtel How can I use peer-critique to help students create beautiful work?
Riana Bucceri What happens when I use differentiation strategies to increase students' intrinsic motivation for multimedia projects?
Samantha Fisk How can I use personalized learning goal setting to help students take ownership of their learning?
Kay Flewelling How can our ways of talking move towards creativity and feeling heard in interdisciplinary project design?
Vickie Kuchinsky How does peer critique and self-evaluation affect the classroom learning experience?
Taylor Olsen How can I design and implement a conflict resolution program that will create a community of problem solvers?
Loni Philbrick-Linzmeyer What happens when I share authority with students?
Zoe Randall What happens when students use digital storytelling to tell the stories of themselves and others?
Gisele Renly How can I use reader’s theater to increase motivation, fluency, and comprehension in reading?
Jennifer Villalpando What happens when I build a focus on student communication in my classroom?
Kyle Wagner What happens when democratic strategies are introduced into the classroom?
Karen Evans  What structures and support help mentors be successful in their mentor relationships?
Cassie Pergament How can we develop structures and a common language to support and increase the efficacy of collegial coaching?
Geoff Roehm  How can we develop structures and a common language to support and increase the efficacy of collegial coaching?

M.Ed Class of 2010

Leily Abbassi
What happens when I bring student voice into assessment?
Jacqueline Allen
How do math games affect student engagement and achievement?
Samantha Gladwell
What happens when I use student choice to differentiate elementary math learning stations?
Angela Guerrero
What happens to students' literacy when I make process drama an integral part of my curriculum?
Natalie Kelley-Alli
What happens when children explore nature in a school setting?
Matt Leader
What happens when I use meditation in the classroom?
Edrick Macalaguim
What can I do to create a classroom where students feel comfortable and confident sharing their learning?
April Major
How I can use differentiation strategies in order to increase mathematical problem solving
Jeff Major
How does educational robotics affect student engagement and achievement in a 9th grade Physics/Algebra classroom?
Luis Perez
What instructional strategies promote student attendance and participation in my first period class?
Juli Ruff
How can I use critique to improve the quality of student feedback, student work and create a culture of collaboration?
Cady Staff What happens when social entrepreneurship and the "new capitalism" become an integral part of my curriculum?
Janna Steffan
How do literacy circles influence the enjoyment, engagement, and achievement of young readers?
Michael Strong
How can I use personal narrative to increase student engagement during humanities projects?
Wendie Ward
What happens when I design projects with differentiation in mind?
Melissa Daniels What new teacher supports are most useful, and which are lacking, at the High Tech High Village?
Brian Delgado How can ALEKS be implemented to best support the High Tech High math program?
Ryan Gallagher How can ALEKS be implemented to best support the High Tech High math program?
Debi Gooding How do I best support and mentor teachers in an independent study school environment?
Lillian Hsu What structures do teachers at HTH use to facilitate project-based learning?
Stacey Lopaz What new teacher supports are most useful, and which are lacking, at the High
Tech High Village?

M.Ed Class of 2009

Amy Callahan What makes a math project feel relevant to students?
Aaron Commerson How do students feel about working in mixed and single gender groups?
Spencer Pforsich How do students talk about race and ethnicity?
Randy Scherer What do students communicate about the relationship between school and
Marc Shulman How do students feel about school culture when they are involved in decision-making processes?
Sarah Strong How do students experience open-ended math problems?


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