Learning Outcomes

The mission of the GSE is to develop reflective practitioner leaders who work effectively with colleagues and communities to create and sustain innovative, authentic, and rigorous learning environments for all students.

This shared vision is articulated in our Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs) ~ to Practice Thoughtful Inquiry and Reflection (IR), Design Equitable Learning Environments (D), and Engage in Leadership for School Change (L) ~ as well as the corresponding program learning outcomes for the M.Ed. program. As educators and leaders, graduates will be able to:


Practice Thoughtful Inquiry & Reflection (IR)

  • Reflective Practice (IR1): Reflect on and critically analyze their own practice to guide future action.
  • Connection (IR2): Synthesize and connect relevant theory and scholarship to their own practice.
  • Scholarly Inquiry (IR3): Design, conduct and share inquiry that addresses essential questions from their practice.

Design Equitable Learning Environments (D)

  • Instructional Design (D1): Work with colleagues to design approaches to learning that emphasize personalization, connect to the world beyond school and offer access and challenge to all learners.
  • Program Design (D2): Demonstrate understanding of how the allocation of adult and student resources affects the creation of equitable learning environments in schools.

Engage in Leadership for School Change (L)

  • Facilitation (L1): Support and facilitate student and teacher dialogue focused on improving teaching and learning.
  • Collaboration (L2): Engage colleagues and students in sustained efforts to create equitable, engaging learning environments.

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