Mission & Vision

The mission of the GSE is to develop reflective practitioner leaders who work effectively with colleagues and communities to create and sustain innovative, authentic, and rigorous learning environments for all students.

The GSE aspires to be recognized within the country and around the world as a hub of progressive practice related to teaching, learning and leadership, and as a model of thoughtful, integrated, and transformative graduate education that has a direct impact on K-12 schools. This aspiration reflects HTH GSE's special and unique capacity as a graduate school embedded in highly effective and innovative K-12 schools to bridge the worlds of theory and practice, of scholarship and action.
To achieve this aspiration, the HTH GSE has outlined the following three strategic priorities:

1. The GSE aims to model and promote thoughtful and forward-thinking teaching and leadership both within and beyond its clinical sites.
2. The GSE aims to assist teachers, administrators and policy makers in their efforts to transform teaching and learning locally, nationally, and globally.
3. The GSE aims to secure the financial sustainability of our institution, and ensure its future.

Institutional Learning Outcomes
The vision is also articulated in our Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs) ~ to Practice Thoughtful Inquiry and Reflection (IR), Design Equitable Learning Environments (D), and Engage in Leadership for School Change (L). As educators and leaders, graduates will be able to:
  • Practice Thoughtful Inquiry & Reflection (IR): Pursue scholarly inquiry and reflective practice that contributes to broader understandings of teaching, learning and leadership.
  • Design Equitable Learning Environments (D): Design learning environments that offer access and challenge to all learners.
  • Engage in Leadership for School Change (L): Build supportive learning communities to transform teaching

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