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Tom Fehrenbacher
Tom Fehrenbacher
Credentialing Instructor Intern and Induction Mentor Support

Tom Fehrenbacher began teaching at Hoover High School in San Diego in 1990.  Working on the Restructuring Steering Committee there, he helped with Hoover’s transition to the Coalition of Essential Schools. When the New Urban High School Project selected Hoover as a member, Tom participated in the effort to distill best practices in internships and personalization. 

In 2003, Tom Fehrenbacher joined the faculty of High Tech High, teaching 11th grade humanities and art centered X-blocks. Over the next ten years, Tom integrated humanities with his partner in biology, Dr. Jay Vavra.  During their years together, the team completed a series of published San Diego Bay Field Guides.   

Currently, Tom contributes to staff development efforts through in-services on the student critique process, collegial coaching, neuroscience of emotions and learning, and school reform. Tom works with the Graduate School of Education teaching credentialing classes in “Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum,” “Advanced Humanities Methods,” and “The Philosophy of Education.”