HTH GSE offers a Master's of Education degree (M.Ed.) with a concentration in Teacher Leadership or School Leadership and a hybrid Education Leadership Academy, blending on-line and face-to-face learning

Teacher Leadership concentration
is designed for experienced educators who wish to deepen their practice, explore pedagogies for deeper learning and build their skills as instructional leaders and researchers. Through coursework, the pursuit of personal leadership goals, and by designing and implementing a capstone Master’s Project, students pursue their own inquiry questions and immediately apply their learning in their own classrooms and schools. 

There are two tracks within the Teacher Leadership program. The two year, part-time program is designed for working educators living in or near San Diego. There is also a one-year residency option for candidates, local or national, wishing to immerse themselves in a High Tech High school full time and co-teach with a master High Tech High teacher. The ideal candidate is reflective about their practice, willing to take risks, and committed to creating learning environments that are equitable, engaging, and inspiring for youth and adults.

TL Coursework | Graduation Requirements 
Program Learning Outcomes                                                                                                                
Graduates of the Teacher Leadership Program will be able to...
Practice Thoughtful Inquiry & Reflection (IR)
  • Reflective Practice (IR1): Reflect on and critically analyze their own practice to guide future action.
  • Connections (IR2): Examine and make connections between their practice and relevant theory.
  • Inquiry (IR3): Design, conduct and share scholarly inquiry that addresses essential questions from their practice.
Design Equitable Learning Environments (D)
  • Instructional Design (D1): Design project-based approaches to learning that emphasize personalization,connect to the world beyond school, and offer access and challenge to all learners.
Engage in Leadership for School Change (L)
  • Collaboration (L1): Engage colleagues and students in efforts to create equitable, engaging learning environments.
  • Facilitation (L2): Support and facilitate collegial conversations focused on improving teaching and learning.

School Leadership concentration
is designed for both aspiring and current school leaders interested in learning how to lead a small, innovative school. Residents spend one year situated within a High Tech High K-12 school, learning to lead through apprenticeship with a critical 
friend Director while taking courses in the GSE and pursuing a capstone Master’s Project. Through personalized projects integrating theory and practice, students learn by doing ~ engaging in cycles of inquiry, action and reflection to guide leadership actions taken in their school setting. Students explore various topics through the course work, from leading for deeper learning to cultivating student voice and choice, which ultimately support the creation of their own Leadership Philosophy Statement and School Design Plan. After graduation, alumni stay connected through a rich online professional learning community focused on supporting new school leaders. The ideal candidate is a highly reflective practitioner who is passionate about exploring innovative ways to support deeper learning, serve diverse learners and lead from behind.

                                                                                                                  SL Coursework l Graduation Requirements
Program Learning Outcomes                                                                                                              
Graduates of the School Leadership Program will be able to...
Practice Thoughtful Inquiry & Reflection (IR)
  • Reflective Practice (IR1): Reflect on and critically analyze their own practice as leaders in their school.
  • Connecting Theory & Practice (IR2): Synthesize and connect relevant theory and scholarship to their leadership practice.
  • Inquiry (IR3): Design, conduct and share inquiry that addresses a school leadership issue. 
Design Equitable Learning Environments (D)
  • Instructional Design (D1): Support teachers in designing project-based approaches to learning that emphasize personalization, connect to the world beyond school, and offer access and challenge to all learners.
  • School Design (D2): Analyze the implications of resource allocation for creating equitable learning environments in schools.
Engage in Leadership for School Change (L)
  • Facilitation (L1): Facilitate student and teacher driven dialogue about teaching and learning to create school change.
  • Collaboration (L2): Engage colleagues and students in efforts to create equitable, engaging learning environments. 
Visit the M.Ed. Program website

Education Leadership Academy 
The HTH GSE Education Leadership Academy focuses on developing educational teams as change agents. This one-year hybrid program blends face-to-face residencies at High Tech High in San Diego, partnerships with HTH critical friends, and on-line learning. Participants design their own personal learning plan and execute a Leadership Project that addresses an authentic need or issue at their home schools.  
    The goals of the Education Leadership Academy are to:
  1. Explore and share collaborative, student-centered, project-based pedagogies.
  2. Build strong collegial culture in school faculties through collegial coaching, reflection on videos of teaching, and the use of protocols to engage in authentic, purposeful conversations about student work, curricula design, and shared purpose.
  3. Establish a community of practice a critical mass of educators working toward common goals, deepening their practice, and learning strategies for sharing their work with colleagues within and beyond their own schools.
Visit the Education Leadership Academy website

Teacher Credentialing
The State of California requires all teachers of record to hold a valid California Teaching credential as mandated by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC). High Tech High offers teachers the opportunity to earn their Preliminary or Clear teaching credential while teaching at a High Tech High school, HTH-affiliated school, or San Diego Unified School.

Intern Program
High Tech High is one of eight commission-approved District Intern programs in the state of California and provides an alternative route to earning a teaching credential.  All District Intern credentials are valid for 2 years and will be issued with an English Learner authorization.  Interns attend courses on Tuesday evenings from 4:30-7:30 pm for two years. Candidates must satisfy all of the following requirements before applying to the District Intern Program.
1)    Must be employed as the teacher of record in a K-12 setting*
2)    Possess a Baccalaureate or higher degree:  Submit “Official” Transcripts from all accredited universities attended
3)    Background Check:  Completion of LiveScan receipt for the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (this is in addition to the one completed for employment)
4)    Satisfy the Basic Skills Requirement:  (a) CBEST Exam Score Report, or (b) writing section of the Multiple Subjects exam, or (c) out-of-state basic skills exam.
5)    Verify your Subject-Matter Competency:  (a) Take/pass the CSET Exam (K-5 teachers take the Multiple Subjects, 6th-12th teachers take the subject matter exam in the subject area in which they will teach) or (b) Subject-Matter Waiver Letter (this is rare as only a select few California Universities offer this program)
6)    Satisfy the US Constitution Requirement:  (a) If you took a US Constitution course in college, then you might be waived out of exam—ask credentialing office to review your transcripts, or (b) take/pass the US Constitution exam offered at the San Diego County Office of Ed.  
*To be considered for the program, applicants must be hired as a High Tech High teacher or must be employed at one of our partner schools. We accept applications on-line throughout the year.  To apply, go to  

For external charter schools or districts interested in establishing a credentialing partnership with HTH, please contact Amy Reising at or call (619) 398-4907.  

HTH District Intern Program website

Induction Program
The HTH Induction Program benefits participants by offering hands-on teacher training that emphasizes project based learning, HTH philosophy and a collegial support network. The HTH Induction Program serves all teachers with preliminary credentials, some teachers with clear credentials, and teachers new to California. Teacher Induction represents the process by which teachers will earn their Professional Clear credential through advanced study of teaching practice aligned with the California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTP). Teachers from around San Diego, who already possess their preliminary teaching credential, can participate in the HTH Teacher Induction program. Through structured mentoring and reflection over two years, participants complete and clear their professional teaching credential.  Click here to view our Induction Publications and learn more about our program!
HTH Induction (BTSA) website

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