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Adult Learning at High Tech High Residencies and Institutes
HTH Professional Development Residencies and Institutes are embedded in the HTH GSE and immerse participants in the High Tech High K–12 schools and adult-learning environment. Like the HTH K-12 schools, adult learning at HTH GSE is learner-focused and grounded in equity. We strive to facilitate teaching practices and structures to help our participants design and implement equitable learning experiences in their own context.

Residencies are housed with the HTH K–12 setting and are facilitated by HTH staff, students and HTH GSE faculty. Participants collaborate with HTH teachers and students, regularly visit HTH classes to see project based learning and deeper learning in action, and are mentored by HTH teachers throughout their experience on campus. Residencies feature interactive workshops, structured team time to plan how they will put to practice new ideas at their school sites, and opportunities to engage with current HTH students.

HTH GSE registration discounts are available for international educators and those who enroll in a suite of HTH GSE professional development offerings. Please contact HTH GSE for more information.

Join the College Access Breakthrough Collaborative

2017-18 (we encourage teams to join by August 15th)
Do you want to help get more traditionally underrepresented students into 4-year college? For the past two years, the Center for Research on Equity and Innovation (CREI) at the HTH GSE has brought together a diverse group of 13 high schools to tackle the persistent problem of improving college access for all students. We are now seeking to expand this network to include additional high schools/districts in California. Participating teams come together twice in San Diego and are provided with: 1) ongoing support, 2) access to experts and a host of high-leverage change ideas to try in their context, and 3) the opportunity to build their improvement capacity as a team.
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Project Design for Deeper Learning at the HTH GSE Fall Residency

Wednesday, October 11 through Friday, October 13, 2017
This residency is tailored for educators and school planning teams who will dive deeply into project based learning and the High Tech High design principles. We emphasize and explore how equity in schools can be achieved through well-designed PBL experiences. Workshops feature the development, analysis and critique of PBL plans and design principles. Participants engage with HTH teachers and students about their projects and learn ways to support both students and colleagues through processes of project tuning and critique. The Fall Residency is geared towards experienced educators and those new to project-based learning.
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Using Improvement Science to Build a Culture of Continuous Improvement

Thursday, Jan 11 through Friday, January 12, 2018
At the core of improvement science are three simple, yet profound questions: What are we trying to accomplish? How will we know if a change is an improvement? What changes might we introduce, and why? As educators we often generate new ideas, reflect on our practice and make changes that we hope will improve student outcomes. Yet, we may struggle to set clear, measurable goals, or develop systematic ways for tracking our progress. Improvement science—with its emphasis on understanding the problem, developing a clear theory of action, “practical measures” embedded in practice, quick iterative cycles to guide learning, and a network structure that facilitates sharing and accelerated learning—is a promising framework for scaffolding educator learning and scaling good ideas. In this highly interactive residency, participants will explore tools and strategies for embedding improvement work into existing professional development structures to support the development of a culture of continuous improvement.
School/district leaders and teacher teams are encouraged to attend, and will leave with a concrete plan for supporting improvement work in their own contexts. This workshop is offered by the HTH GSE’s Center for Research on Equity and Innovation.
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Agency, Relationships and Integration at the HTH GSE Winter Residency

Wednesday, Jan 31 through Friday, February 2, 2018
Participants are immersed in interactive sessions that examine how to build authentic connections for students through work and experiences. Workshops and classroom visits focus on: how relationships are developed through meaningful work, the permeable boundaries between school and the community, and how skills and content are integrated across contexts. Through workshops that model equitable teaching practices, participants develop and critique project designs, exhibition and assessment plans. New and returning educators will observe classrooms and interact with HTH students, teachers, and administrators as they analyze student work to improve project design and to bring real world challenges into the classroom. Topics of interest include the development of academic internships, strategies that develop growth and academic mindsets, student agency and projects that utilize community collaboration.
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Deeper Learning: 6th Annual Conference

Wednesday, March 28 through Friday March 30, 2018
Deeper Learning 2018 is the premier international event for educators pursuing deeper learning in schools. In 2010, the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation convened a group of leaders from some of the leading organizations in deeper learning. The Deeper Learning conference came from this community’s desire to bring the teachers, school leaders from those organizations along with others from across the country to do what the most successful learners do: work together to find inspirational and implementable solutions to authentic problems facing educators today. This conference aims to connect educators who are implementing deeper learning in their schools, generate and better support deeper learning ideas in classrooms and help educators reflect on their own practice.
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Assessment 2.0 at the HTH GSE Spring Residency

Wednesday, May 30 through Friday, June 1, 2018
Assessment 2.0 is themed around the use of presentations, exhibitions, curation, critique, reflection and the celebration of student work as a vehicle for facilitating student learning. Workshop topics include the nuts and bolts of student presentations of learning, meaningful exhibitions of student work, collaborative assessment of student work, and the ability to create projects with an audience in mind. Participants will work with HTH teachers and students to understand how the curation and critique of student work impacts the student and teacher experience, influences—or even drives—project design, and plays a primary role in school culture and student learning.
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