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Issue 16, Winter 2017
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The House That Built Me,
   Michelle Jaconette
Little Bits Of Magic,
   Enrique Lugo
Who Killed The Pd Day?,
   Cameron Paterson
Engineering A Mindset: Exploring An Elementary Engineering Classroom,
   Zoë Randall
Diverse By Design,
   Nicole Tempel Assisi
Executive Function And The Provenance Of Patience,
   Claire King


1: Human Impacts on Local Wildlife
2: Steampunk Revolution
3: Design Challenge: Recycling Center
4: Bonapartism
5: Bacteria and You
6: Liberty Station: Then and Now
7: The Dream Project
8: Healthy Me
9: The Force of Friction: What Moves Objects? What Moves People?
10: Big Ideas from Small Creatures
11: The Making of the Modern Teen
12: Faces of South County
13: Ideas That Changed the World
14: 3-Acts



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HTH GSE » UnBoxed » Issue 16 » Welcome

Welcome to the sixteenth issue of UnBoxed! We hope you will enjoy this collection of essays, reflections, and reports about teaching and learning.

As educators, how do we learn? What is the difference between planning the next project or lesson and learning? How do we learn from each others’ “craft knowledge” and encourage all voices in our school communities to be both teachers and learners? Enrique Lugo and Cameron Paterson each raise these questions and more in articles on the adult culture of learners in schools, drawn from their experiences in very different schools and continents.

Michelle Jaconnette, Zoë Randall, and Claire King each reflect on their own learning and how it has impacted their students in areas as diverse as home construction, engineering, and the neuroscience of executive functioning.

Finally, Nicole Assisi shares some lessons learned from her first years trying to create a school organization that confronts race and class privilege and builds “diversity by design.” The UnBoxed gallery of “cards” in this issue offer glimpses of projects we find inspiring. These cards are freely available on the unBoxed website in a printer-ready format. Simply print, fold, share and discuss. We wish to thank the teachers and designers of these projects for sharing them.

Thanks also go to the K-12 and university educators who have reviewed submissions for this issue and offered invaluable counsel. We invite all of our readers to join us in conversations about purpose, policy, and practice in education by submitting an article or serving as a peer reviewer. To learn more, visit

Our next submissions deadline is Monday, March 6, 2017.

Read, enjoy, and participate!

—The Editors