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Issue 17, Spring 2017
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An Edu-Nerd’s Heaven,
   Celeste Kirsh
Thou Talk’st of Nothing,
   Jen McConnel and Erin Zamborsky
What Does It Take To Teach For Deeper Learning And Equity?,
   Meg Riordan and Emily Klein
Why Dewey Needs Freire,
   Sarah Fine
Building Empathy Through Action,
   Ariana Campos
Deconstructing Myths And Clarifying Truths,
   Rachel Otty
Educational Video Games And Transdisciplinary Problem-Based Learning,
   Heather McCreery-Kellert and Sheli O. Smith


1: Call Sign: Courage
2: Destruction and Restoration: A History of Sausal Creek
3: Give Me Shelter
4: Here Now, Gone Tomorrow
5: Living North County
6: Matter That Matters
7: One Drop at a Time
8: Wise Kids Traditions
9: Plant and Insect Life Cycles
10: Design Challenge: Beekeeping in Doha, Qatar

Living North County

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Students explored six different North County communities through the lenses of their different classes: Humanities, Spanish, Physics, & Math. We visited Carlsbad, Encinitas, Escondido, Oceanside, Vista, and San Marcos. Students not only visited the cities, but scheduled and conducted interviews, filmed activities that high school students engage with in these areas, created short films, designed info-graphics, and studied the culture of these various communities in depth. Ultimately, in groups of nine, students designed an eighteen box spinner that was displayed at our exhibition.

Teacher Reflection
Taking a close look at what exists in our communities, in our own backyards was definitely the highlight of this project for us. So often, we think of history as what exists in books, but the truth is that we are constantly making history, and that history is living in our communities right here and now. One of the highlights of the field trips for us was watching our students hike through Annie’s Canyon in Encinitas. What was interesting for the students to realize was that the subjects that they are studying in school can apply to their everyday lives in the communities in which they live. We also really enjoyed having a challenging product for the students to collaboratively build with their hands.

Student Reflection
I liked getting to talk in Spanish during the exhibition. It was really fun. I didn’t know that San Marcos was known as a chicken park. —Mariana

The Surf Museum in Oceanside was really interesting, and it was cool to see Bethany Hamilton’s surfboard. The building of the box was pretty fun too. There were times that it was stressful when things couldn’t fit and you had to request for more, but at the end, seeing the finished project was pretty cool. I mean, we made that. —Jake

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