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Issue 6, Fall 2010
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I Used To Think...,
   Larry Rosenstock
Eduation, Choice and Change,
   Howard Fuller
Throwing a Shoe Every Day,
   Lillian Hsu
Who Owns Pd?,
   Janie Griswold
Learning To Lead,
   Stacey Lopaz
Your Inner Warrior,
   Maria McTighe’s Class
Collaboration, Critique and
Classroom Culture
   Juli Ruff
Voices and Visions,
   Stephanie Lytle
Reclaiming Stupidity,
   Jeff Robin
A Hiring Bonanza,
   Ben Daley
Collegial Coaching,
   April Major & Angie Guerrero

1: DNA Barcoding Invasive Species
2: Wall of Resistance Project
3: Inner Nature Mask Project
4: Ancient Sailing and Seafarers
5: Conceptual Art Project
6: Economics Illustrated

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For this issue of UnBoxed, we have asked several educators to address the theme of leadership in education. What do good leaders do, and how do they go about it? How do they cope with the day-to-day crises that inevitably arise? How do they find and develop good teachers? How do issues of public policy intersect with their work? Larry Rosenstock offers reflections from a career in school leadership. Ben Daley describes the hiring process at HTH, while Janie Griswold, Lillian Hsu, and Stacey Lopaz address issues of philosophy and daily practice. In the Unboxed interview, Howard Fuller, Distinguished Professor at Marquette University, discusses the deep cultural and political issues of race and equity that have informed his career as an activist, civic leader, and educator.

Other articles address the recurrent UnBoxed theme of student and teacher engagement. Stephanie Lytle describes a project in which students enact the Beowulfian role of scop, or singer as healer, by working with veterans in their own community. Juli Ruff discusses how she used peer critique to create a culture of collaboration in her classroom, where students saw each other as resources in creating beautiful work. In our photo essay, students from High Tech High show their Inner Warrior. The traits that make them who they are, their interests and their passions .

Jeff Robin reflects on an influential teacher in his own life and offers advice to anyone seeking to engage students in meaningful work. Angela Guerrero and April Major provide an account of collegial coaching and discuss the powerful ways teachers can support one another when they get into each other’s classrooms.

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—The Editors