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Issue 1, Spring 2008

Why We Did It, Larry Rosenstock
Crafting Beautiful Work, Ron Berger
PME: Advice to You, Jeff Robin
Equity in Assessment, Marc Shulman
Diving in Belize, Randy Scherer
Abandon Ship, Aaron Commerson
Transforming Schools, Stacey Caillier
Blogging To Learn, Spencer Pforsich
Alternative Certification, Jennifer Husbands

1: Superhero in the Making
2: The Lost Postcard Collection
3: Invisibility
4: Analog Flash for Windows
5: Power Lunch
6: High Tech High Design Principles
7: Options for Reflection
8: Picasso's Influence on HTH--Analytical Cubism

Power Lunch

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Power Lunch engages students in informal conversations with local professionals and serves as an entry point for potential business/community partners. Students choose to attend during regular lunchtimes. After introductions, the floor is opened to student questions, conversation ensues, and the event concludes with students sharing something they have learned.

To maximize student participation, set a regular time and place to hold these conversations. HTH Media Arts hosts Power Lunch every Friday from 11:45 am to 12:15 pm.

Post the Power Lunch speaker schedule where students will see it. Involve student leaders to get the word out about the event. Send notices to parents, teachers and students through e-mail. Make announcements at staff meetings so teachers can encourage students to attend.

Power Lunch participants have included professionals from healthcare, law, graphic arts, film production, biotechnology, university admissions, catering and journalism.

The value of these conversations is that they open up possibilities for students. Students who want to be small business owners, for instance, can talk about their ideas with me. I can make a suggestion or frame an idea. Sometimes, they need to hear from sources outside their parents or teachers. In my experience, it doesn’t matter who is sending the message. It’s more important that the lesson is learned.
—Adrienne Hunter, Owner, Skyy Limousines

Power Lunch is a great opportunity to experience different professions without going too far down that path. I ask questions about the workday, salary, required education. I feel empowered to make better decisions about my future.
—KJ Edwards, 10th grade, HTH Media Arts

Through Power Lunch, students gain insight into the many, often unanticipated, life pathways professionals have taken. They also learn to appreciate the well-roundedness, flexibility, and collaboration necessary to be successful and happy with future careers.
—Robert Kuhl, Director, HTH Media Arts

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