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Issue 10, Spring 2013
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An Artful Thinking Classroom,
   Jessica Ross
Solving Real-World Problems With
Open Source Software
   Tim McNamara
Change Leadership For Learning,
   Tony Wagner
Deeper Learning In Common Core
Math Projects
   Sarah Strong
Design Thinking and the Shift
from Refrigerator Projects
   Lindsey Ott & Eric White
Deeper Learning For Professionals,
   Karen Fasimpaur
Gaining Perspective: Guiding
Student Reflection
   Tara Della Roca
A Differentiated Lesson, A To Z,
   Cara Littlefield
Taking A Stand On
Controversial Issues
   Mary Hendra
Scaffolding Creativity Through
Design Thinking
   Mindy Ahrens
Don’t Just Talk About
Character: Teach Habits
   Liza T. Eaton & Cyndi D.Gueswel
Teachable Moments: A Lesson In
Listening To Students
   Beth DeLuca
Mindsets and Student Agency,
   Eduardo Briceño

1: Energy Puzzles
2: Food For Thought
3: Historic Rap Throwdown
4: Turning Points, Toy Theatre
5: The End of the World Uncovered
6: Matter All Around
7: The Learning Landscape
8: Are You Fitter Than a 5th Grader?
9: The Great 9th Grade Odyssey

Matter All Around

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First Grade Scientists explored the world of matter all around them! They wondered…
  • What is matter?  
  • How can we change matter? 
  • How can we use this knowledge to help others?
Investigating solids, liquids, and gases led to several fun creations such as play dough, chalk, goo, and bubbles. Our scientists had so much fun exploring and learning about matter that they decided to share their creations with others; they each prepared a Matter Activity Box to donate to children at San Diego’s Ronald McDonald House.
Teacher Reflections
Going into this project we wanted to tap into first graders’ natural curiosity and excitement, so we built the learning around hands-on, messy explorations. Our instincts were right. First grade scientists couldn’t wait to see what each day had in store for them! Their enthusiasm became a natural bridge linking their initial curiosity to authentic learning. As scientists, they wondered, tested ideas, discovered new ways of thinking, and made connections between matter and the world around them. Our students understood the importance of helping families at The Ronald McDonald House and empathized with what it would be like to be away from the comforts (and toys!) of home.  Our scientists knew they weren’t making bubbles, play dough, and chalk just for themselves—they were excited to give their Matter Activity Boxes away.  As teachers who work with the littlest of learners, we were proud this project included so much excitement and learning, and benefitted the community.  
Student Reflections
This project was awesome because I learned what matter is, how it works, and how it changes to other kinds of matter.  —Zuri 
I feel happy because the Ronald McDonald House kids have something to play with so they won’t be bored.                               —Khalel
Now that I donated my activity box I’m so proud of myself.  I feel like a party is in my heart!                               —Carlo