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Issue 11, Spring 2014
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Education, Expanded,
   Cameron Ishee
Students as Experts in Professional Development,
   Ben Krueger
A Humbling Lesson in Listening,
   Ashley DeGrano
Teaching, Learning, and Relationships,
   Student Panel
A Reel-y Authentic Project,
   Daisy Sharrock & Elizabeth Perry
Growth Through Reflection,
   Georgia Hall
Making Critique Work,
   Briony Chown
Permission to Wonder: Using Art to Deepen Learning,
   Philip Yenawine
What Does it Mean to Think Like a Teacher?,
   Cindy Meyer Sabik

1: Building a Better Athlete
2: Airwaves of Identity
3: #Hashtag Film Project
4: Understanding Habits of Heart and Mind through Our Community
5: Jambox Project
6: LEGO Carnival
7: What’s the Story – an Art Project
8: Raptors for Rodents
9: Re-inventing Romeo and Juliet
10: In Sickness and In Health
11: Water We Doing?
12: Creating Ripples with Underwater Robots
13: A Picture is Worth 1000 Words

#Hashtag Film Project

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Students examined the role of the media in their lives and how they can use the media to positively influence others. They learned the process of creating a film: writing a script, creating a storyboard, conducting interviews, filming scenes, and editing footage. Students who created public service announcements partnered with local organizations and featured them in their films. Those who created mythbusters-like videos researched specific scientific questions that interested them. All students completed weekly blogs reflecting on their learning, successes, and challenges. At exhibition they showcased their films in a student-designed movie theater and shared reflections on the process in our “behind the scenes” room.

Teacher Reflections
Earlier this year we had been struggling with student engagement and motivation. We wanted students to have more voice and choice in this spring exhibition project. Allowed to choose their own topics and video formats, students showed more enthusiasm and ownership of their work. Students were all over the map when it came to choosing a project democratically. We didn’t want to force any specific topic, and they ended up coming up with genuine inquiries that really mattered to them. I believe they were impressed with what they were capable of doing as a team.

Student Reflections
Anyone can make a difference, no matter how young or old. As long as one person takes a stand, others will follow. —Hanna

Self-harm is a big issue that affects teens and young adults. The video was a way to let others know that there are people who care about them and are willing to support them.

I learned how to become more professional in working in a group, and I learned how to investigate and test my ideas in a scientific way —Micah

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