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Issue 14, Fall 2015
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Thank You Tiger! My Teacher Wake-Up Call,
   John Paull
Breadth And Depth: Can We Have It Both Ways?,
   Jal Mehta
Other People’s Children Are My Children,
   Michelle Sadrena Clark
When Exhibition Might Not Be Enough,
   Wesley Davidson
Choosing Sean,
   Patrick Yurick
Writing “Downtown”: Bringing Student Voice Into Writing Instruction,
   Sheldon C. Krieger
Creativity Is A Decision Anyone Can Make,
   Robert J. Sternberg
Every Classroom Should Be A Maker Space,
   Randy Scherer


1: Colonies, Clusters, and Classrooms?
2: Roland Barthes’ Mythologies
3: The Lantern Project
4: The Wicked Soap Company
5: Wat_er We Doing? A California Drought Story
6: Portraits of Resilience
7: Best Project of All Time
8: 3D Printed Timeline
9: You Say You Want a Revolution?
10: Superheroes Unite!
11: Staircases to Nowhere
12: Who Walks Here: The Journey of Our People and Our Land
13: The Bee Project

Wat_er We Doing? A California Drought Story

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In this project students worked together to make a documentary about the current California drought. Students learned about water chemistry, the water cycle, the drought’s effect on the environment and economy, and water conservation. Students took extensive notes on current articles related to our drought. They used their new knowledge to write about, plan, film, and edit a documentary to show at our school wide exhibition and at the San Diego Botanical Gardens. Students also created stained glass graphing art pieces to auction off at both exhibitions. The goals of the exhibitions were to bring awareness to the drought and raise money for the San Diego Coastkeeper by auctioning off the student art work, DVDs of the documentary, various water saving items, and donated items.

Teacher Reflections
When we started the project, students already understood California was in a drought and we all need to conserve, but they were inspired by all that they did not know. The information revealed through field trips, expert interviews, current articles, and videos was shocking and motivational. When the time came to create our faux stained glass art for auction, students really owned the importance of creating a quality product that would bring in more money for San Diego Coastkeeper. Screening the film at the San Diego Botanical Garden took the students outside of just our school exhibition. They were proud to know that their movie would reach beyond the walls of our school.

Student Reflection
I realized that once we run out of water we have no backup plan. —Kat

This project showed me how our lives depend on a delicately balanced system and that changing one thing can have a huge effect on us- the ripple effect. —Kaitlyn

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