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Issue 15, Spring 2016
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A Journey With Venetia Phair, The Girl Who Named Pluto,
   Jeannine West Paull
A Test That Teaches Trust,
   Don Mackay
Three Inadequacies,
   Mike Amarillas
Does Deeper Learning Make A Difference? Yes It Does!,
   Kristina Zeiser, Mette Huberman, Jennifer O’Day, and Michael Garet
Redefining Well-Behaved In The 21St Century Classroom,
   Sharon Fargason, Melissa Han, and Sarah Imbriaco
Uncovering The Why In The Way We Teach,
   Aleya Cunningham and Roxanne Tuong
The Case For Collaboration,
   Pam Reynolds Baker
Student Consulting Disrupting Student-Teacher Hierarchies,
   Anna Chiles, Ben Sanoff, Chloe Larson, Janie Griswold, and Julia Rosecrans


1: The Haunted Arcade Interactive Halloween Carnival Games
2: Cyclic Machines
3: Syrian Refugee Simulation
4: The Meals and Muppets Project
5: The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)
6: Coded Structures, Decoded Identities
7: College Knowledge
8: Walk In Their Shoes
9: Mind The Gap
10: Through The Wire
11: Seed Dispersal Challenge
12: Explorers of the World

The Meals and Muppets Project

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In this interdisciplinary project, students looked at the essential question: “Should I eat that?” Inspired from student voices criticizing our school’s lunch program, we dove deeply into a holistic investigation about the food we eat. The voices of our students were clear, they wanted to create a product that would have lasting value and impact. Students read The Omnivore’s Dilemma, watched various documentaries, and explored the nutritional values and science behind the everyday food they were consuming. Using the magic of the Maker movement through muppet building and filmmaking, our students transformed their learning about food justice, urban farming, and making healthy food choices into a professionally produced movie, using muppets as a way to engage kindergarten students at neighboring school High Tech Elementary.

Teacher Reflection
We are always amazed by our students’ craftsmanship and professionalism when given an authentic audience beyond our classroom walls. The result is attention to detail and motivation for learning that had previously been unmatched. Authentically engaged in their work, our students learned, not because they had to, but because they wanted to, and the results were far beyond what anyone expected. This has been a true deeper learning experience.

Student Reflection
Sharing the message of eating and living healthy using muppets was an idea that seemed far-fetched and wild from the beginning. Now, staring around the classroom, I marvel and bask in the glory of our beautiful work. I’m so glad to have been able to participate in such a wonderful and unique project, and to know that I left a positive impact on my Kindergarten friends and families, helps me understand that I have the power to make a difference. —Adrian S.

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