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Issue 16, Winter 2017
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The House That Built Me,
   Michelle Jaconette
Little Bits Of Magic,
   Enrique Lugo
Who Killed The Pd Day?,
   Cameron Paterson
Engineering A Mindset: Exploring An Elementary Engineering Classroom,
   Zoë Randall
Diverse By Design,
   Nicole Tempel Assisi
Executive Function And The Provenance Of Patience,
   Claire King


1: Human Impacts on Local Wildlife
2: Steampunk Revolution
3: Design Challenge: Recycling Center
4: Bonapartism
5: Bacteria and You
6: Liberty Station: Then and Now
7: The Dream Project
8: Healthy Me
9: The Force of Friction: What Moves Objects? What Moves People?
10: Big Ideas from Small Creatures
11: The Making of the Modern Teen
12: Faces of South County
13: Ideas That Changed the World
14: 3-Acts

Healthy Me

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In this project, students explored all about healthy living. First graders became exercise experts, learning different ways to move their bodies and why exercise is important to staying healthy. Students also learned about nutrition and applied these ideas to their own lives. They discovered the five food groups and why each is important in a balanced plate. At the end of the project, students completed two final products. Through multiple drafts and critique, students created a ‘healthy plate’ that included the food groups with labels and realistic drawings. Students also used group work to choreograph an exercise routine. They filmed each section to compile into a class instructional workout DVD. First graders brought the plate and DVD home to help their families stay healthy.

Teacher Reflection
We designed this project with active first graders in mind! Our hope was to harness their natural energy and need for movement while serving the purpose of promoting healthier living. We felt that they would be very engaged in the different forms of exercise and would enjoy choreographing and videotaping their own workout routines. What we didn’t expect was how enthusiastic they would be about nutrition as well! They really enjoyed learning about the food groups and how each one helps our bodies. They also loved creating actual plates with their careful artwork showing examples for a balanced meal. They worked diligently to use critique and improve each draft to make their food look realistic. Students took what they learned about food and carried that into their real life. Parents have told us that when they go grocery shopping now, their child will often suggest healthier options!

Student Reflection
It was special making the first grade workout video because I got to make it with other people. We used a green screen. At first I was like, ‘Wait a minute! It’s just going to be green behind us!’ But then it changed to have different scenes like New York or a picture frame! —Sydney

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