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Issue 5, Spring 2010

Uganda Unpacked: A Mizungu Tale,
   Brian Delgado, Elika Dadsetan,
   & Nicole Pack
In the Circle, Janna Steffan
Engaging Students, David Price
How Do They Come Up With
   This Stuff?
, Sara Morgan
Disruptive Innovations
   in Schooling
, Michael Horn
Race and Ethnicity
   in an Integrated School
, Spencer Pforsich
Autobots in Action, Karl Wendt
Visions of Mathematics, Ben Daley
Judo Math, Dan Thoene
Family Mathers, Kristin Komatsubara
Writing About Math, Allison Cuttler
Going Gaga, Marc Shulman
The Agony and The Ecstasy
   (of Math)
, Jean Kluver

1: Bilingual Spoken Word
2: Children’s Astronomy Book Project
3: The Sangak{You} project
4: Geometric Mural Project
5: Physics A to Z
6: Philosopher Shrines Salon Night
7: Urban Homesteading Project
8: Illuminated Journals
9: The Hidden Garden

Bilingual Spoken Word

download pdf (2.4mb)

In Spanish class, freshmen explored the theme of “Cruzando fronteras” (crossing borders) through bilingual spoken word poetry and artwork. They worked with spoken word professionals, took part in workshops and performed their work locally. They created anthologies of their work, available at the HTH bookstore at Proceeds go to support refugee students.

Estoy Perdido by Alonzo Stamps

Estoy perdido
Y nunca me van a encontrar
I am not physically tied,
But mentally bound,
Y tiemblo cuando pienso en estar
Because of my fear of being stoned,
Con piedras,
Breaking my weak withered bones,
Releasing the monstruo in me,
Pero siento que el monstruo es mí.
To be or not be,
That monstruo that I call me,
Now I see,
Or do I?

If it has merged with me,
I must split myself,
This way I can gain wealth,
No dinero,
But self,
Cause I believe in self wealth,
Because without self
Tú estás perdido,
And never to be found,
And mentally bound,
Como yo.

Until I find me,
And then I will fly farther
than your eye can see,
Cause when I find me,
Yo sere, Unstoppable,
Cause I will rule,
Nadie puede o me va a juzgar de mí,
But if they do,
It won’t matter cause,
I will have myself together,
Y en fin,

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