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Issue 7, Spring 2011
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Canyon as Classroom,
   Cindy Jenson Elliot
Sunflowers and Math,
   Brittany Joslin
Going Against the Zeitgeist,
   Noah Shlottman
Teaching, Learning & not Knowing,
   Eleanor Duckworth
Exhibiting Student Writing,
   Randy Scherer
Science Room as Drawing Room,
   Parag Chowdhury
Experiencing Difference,
   Pam Baker
Annotating Teacher Work,
   Alicia Crump
Illuminated Mathematics,
   Dave Stahnke
   Laura Webber
Reading Art,
   Eusebio Travis Sevilla
A Better Education,
   Lillian Hsu
Sometimes the Exhibition is at the Dinner Table,
   Jenny Morris & John Bosselman

1: Get Bent
2: Viva La Revolucion!
3: Cultural Encounters
4: Resilience Café Project
5: Digital Storytelling
6: Chemistry and Conflict
7: Soaring Eagles
8: Life: The Book
9: Inventions

Resilience Café Project

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During the Resilience Café Project, 8th graders learned about resilient heroes from the past and present, and explored together what it means to be resilient. Students identified specific attributes to celebrate and communicate through their work. They connected a resilient historical figure, a resilient community member and their own personal story of resilience through writing and by creating an art piece full of symbolism. They honored their resilient community members by inviting them to a night of celebration through music, spoken word, poetry and artwork.

Teachers’ Reflection
Students took the basic concept for the project and made it their own. The elements of choice, and the fact that students were working on this project in two out of their three classes, allowed for creativity and personal connections to emerge. Throughout the project, the energy was high, the creativity was buzzing, and the students were empowered to honor the resilience all around them!

Student Reflections
During this project I learned about the Civil War, Brown vs. The Board of Education, The Civil Rights Movement, and the Blues. I also learned that resilience is the ability to endure and be strengthened by the hardships you face. Basically, learning about resilience teaches us to go out of our comfort zone and to know that the struggle will help us become a better person.

—Andrew Sanchez

I loved exhibition because I felt proud of all of my pieces. Everybody liked my art piece and I felt like it represented my community member and historical figure. I was able to have in-depth conversations with other parents about my art.

—Hannah Hoang

I felt so good about this project! I was in my element considering we could do music. People were blown away by our song and that meant a lot to me. We got so many compliments that night. My grandmother said that she felt honored by our performance and was so proud of me.

—Lizzie Mooney

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